Worship at Emmanuel

Each Sunday at 10:00 AM we celebrate the holy Eucharist as one church, united, praising God and celebrating our rich liturgical history. The liturgy is accompanied by our pipe organ, with additional music provided by our choirs, praise band, hand bells, and various vocalists and instrumentalists.

Holy Communion is offered to all baptized Christians who have confessed their sins and received absolution.  Infants and children who have not yet received instruction are invited to the altar to receive a blessing.

Rejoicing Spirits – 2nd Sundays

3:30 PM fellowship/4:00 PM worship

Rejoicing Spirits is a service which provides people with disabilities, their families, friends and other supportive community members with an opportunity come together to worship in an environment where people can express themselves without being told to “be quiet.”

When you attend at Rejoicing Spirits service expect upbeat music and joyous singing, brief, meaningful messages, a “shush-free” environment, opportunities to lead, serve and participate for all people, wheelchair accessibility and listening devices for those who need it, and light refreshments.

You do not have to be disabled to attend, just have a love of wonderful worship and fellowship!  We offer a Craft/Sunday School at 3:30 PM and Worship at 4:00 PM.For more on the Rejoicing Spirits Ministry, please click here

Healing Service – 5th Sundays

On the fifth Sunday of each month, we invite all who are in need of God’s blessing and healing to come to designated areas within the Sanctuary to receive healing prayer through the laying-on-of hands and anointing.  Our Intercessory Prayer Team has been trained in this century old rite and maintain the utmost in confidentiality.


Prayer Requests

Everyone Needs Prayer