Join us for the Souderton Premiere of

To Hear the Angels Sing

Emmanuel’s Christmas Children’s Worship and Pageant

Sunday December 15th @ 3PM

Sing Christmas Carols

Hear the Christmas Story

Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Enjoy Christmas Treats

Would you like to participate?

Casting Call and 1st Rehearsal is November 23rd at 1 PM

If interested in helping, please sign up in the Church lobby, or by contacting the Church Office at or 215 723 7514

We will need to fill the following roles:

Role: Age Needed

Talent(Singing, Instrumental, Dance, Poetry, etc): Adults and/or Children

Narrators: Middle and High School

Main Pageant Roles: Children who are good readers and speakers

Other Speaking Roles: Children who can memorize short parts

Non-speaking roles: Children of any age

Stage Crew and Support: Adults and Older Teens

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